Motorcycle Suspension

A motorcycle’s suspension manages the relationship between rider and road. At the highest speeds, the most urgent stops, the tightest corners and biggest bumps, the suspension lies at the core of the riding experience. This is where Öhlins excels and this is why the best riders in the world rely on Öhlins to achieve their highest level of performance.

Race Dynamics is an Authorised Öhlins Sales & Service Centre as well as the Australian agent for Andreani suspension. Whether it’s suspension sales, setup, servicing or development, we can help you ride better on the road, dirt or track.

Our services include

  • Supply and fitting of the full range of Ohlins suspension products and parts
  • Supply and fitting of the full range of Andreani suspension and steering damper kits
  • Supply and fitting of the full range of Gazi shockabsorbers
  • Suspension tuning
  • Suspension setup
  • Suspension servicing
  • Revalving
  • Steering damper servicing
  • Suspension development and modifications
  • Roehrig EMA state of the art shock dyno
  • Racing technicians for trackside support, testing and development

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